Act today for a mindful tomorrow

Rhymes of the past, mirroring the future of
our planet.

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Our Earth is our forever home
Let's protect it well

What is Rhyme For Earth About?

House of Hiranandani has always believed in creating a sustainable environment and striving towards a greener future. Rhyme for Earth is a unique initiative
that attempts to mirror the heartbreaking reality of the planet through nursery rhymes. Rewriting the rhymes to draw your attention to dismal facts
about our planet that need our immediate attention with the hope of rewriting the future of our Earth.

Pledge Now To Save Our Future

Air Pollution

Our planet provides us the air that we
breathe, and one day our lungs might
give out because of the pollution.

I pledge to use eco friendly ways of commuting to reduce air pollution

People pledged for Air & counting..


Save Water

The oceans and water bodies are
one of the most precious resources
of our planet.

I pledge to not litter waste & be mindful of water consumption

People pledged for Save Water..


Save Soil

Soil is the lifeline for all things living and
destroying it will lead to the exhaustion
of the very food that keeps you going.

I pledge to not use plastic & plant more trees to save the soil

People pledged for Save Soil..


Reduce Noise

The incessant honking and the nuisance
we make everyday is slowly and steadily
overpowering the voice of Nature.

I pledge to avoid unnecessary honking & reduce noise pollution

People pledged for Reduce Noise..

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Craft your own rhyme

Be a part of this unique initiative. Write and send us your own rhymes that spread environmental awareness & you stand a chance at winning exciting rewards for the best rhyme written.

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